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Parklife Review: Patrick Topping b2b Richy Ahmed

POPULAR DJ’s Patrick Topping and Richy Ahmed went back to back at Parklife festival on Sunday (June 12) to produce what can only be described as a ‘spectacular show’. Our reporter Becky Waldren braved the muddy grounds of Heaton Park to catch the two men…

For a few years now huge crowds have gathered to see the Geordie-born boys DJ alongside each other to bring the best of eclectic dance, house and techno across the country, but seeing the DJ’s back to back was a real treat for all fans of the genre.

Situated on the Paradise stage, the DJ’s of Hot Creations were the first act I found myself in on the second day of Parklife, due to taking that little bit longer to enjoy shop brought alcohol at the flat rather than pay the extortionate prices on offer at the festival.

Even before the act began, the stage already was full of ‘tech-heads’, with their big sunglasses, little shorts and plenty of energy – all waiting to listen to two of Ibiza’s well known residents.

As ‘Kink’ finished, the crowd seemed to get busier and busier, as people prepared themselves for what was about to come, even though I may not have been right at the front the atmosphere and crowd were buzzing and it wasn’t raining which was a pleasant surprise!

The crowd went wild when the two acts came onto the stage together, took to the decks and began mixing in their bouncy tunes, spicing up the dance-floor with their tropical beats.

Bopping up and down, side to side and all over the muddy ground, people danced away as Topping brought out many new tracks from his EP.

Alongside Topping, Richy Ahmed mixed in new songs ‘Ruff and Raw’ and ‘So Good’ whilst throwing in ‘Sneaky Acid’ which, accompanied by Topping’s underground style blasted out the speakers of the big open tent, bringing huge smiles to the faces of ravers from end to end.

This was no doubt a great send off for Topping and Ahmed who are both heading off to Barcelona to represent their label at ‘Hot Creations Barcelona’.

For fans who just can’t get enough of the two legendary DJ’s and their addictive beats that get better and better, you can find them at Hideout festival in Croatia, DC-10 and Space in Ibiza and even English favourites such as Lovebox, South and East and Creamfields over the summer months.

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without hearing endless tech house music blasting through the speakers at one of the country’s best raves and therefore Parklife 2016 did not disappoint.

Link to article published by Quays News, click here.

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