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INTERVIEW: VIVA Caught Up With MK Ahead Of His Set At We Are FSTVL

WHILST enjoying the incredible music that We Are FSTVL had to offer VIVA got the chance to catch up with International DJ, music producer and remixer MK ahead of his set. We chatted about all things music, advice, Manchester and what was next for him.


Hey, how you doing?

I am good!

Where did it all start for you?

It started out making music when I was 14.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

You know what, every year is bigger and bigger. Just playing big shows, you know. It is still going so it is hard to say really. There is so many good ones I don’t want to single any one out but it has just been like a dream come true really!

How have you seen the house music scene change since you began?

It has become more popular. When I did it back in the 90’s it was not as popular, it was more underground and the mainstream, not only did they not get it they did not really accept it, so it was hard to deal with that but house music is mainstream now which I love!

Has there been anyone you have come up the ranks with and been alongside?

All the 90s guys. Masters at Work, Todd Terry, Armand Van Helden, it is good to see those guys who are all still doing it. We are all friends, we started out where we were all doing house music and it wasn’t popular so we all stuck together.

Describe your sets to me in one word?

All MK tracks are all me.

You have a few new tracks out recently as well haven’t you?

Yeah, I just did another Rihanna mix, Desperado. Did London Grammar, did Dua Lipa and then I have my new single called Seventeen. All coming out now!

Do you think the UK house music scene is different to America?

Yeah, America is a little bit behind by about a year.

Are you expecting a big crowd tonight?!

I hope so it is a main stage! I hope it doesn’t empty out but you never know!

As we come from Manchester, have you been there before and what do you think of it?!

Actually, Manchester is my favourite city to play in. I have said this a lot of times. I love the people there, every time I play there it is has always been a really good show, everyone is welcoming. I never turn down a Manchester show. I have played at Warehouse Project, Albert Hall and Venus once. I just love Manchester; they have some of the best taste in music.

Is there anywhere you would like to play that you haven’t played in yet?

I don’t really focus on that to be honest. I just focus on the music.

Where else can we find you this Summer?

Hideout- Croatia, Ibiza- almost every week at Amnesia. I am all over the place, not home you can’t find me at home I know that!

Do you have a residency in Ibiza this year then?

Yeah I have a residency at Amnesia this year and I am also at Pacha. In total I have about 16 shows this summer.

What piece of advice would you give to new up and coming DJs?

Do not try and sound like someone else. There is so many DJs that play the same thing then you are not going to stand out. Just be different and you will stand out.

To listen to more of MK, follow him on Souncloud.


Link to article by VIVA Magazine, click here.

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