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INTERVIEW: Local DJ Melé Talks Parklife, Career and His Unique Sound

WITH a distinguished sound of Brazillian beats, transatlantic hip hop and classic house music, Melé aka Krissy has the support of some of the biggest names on the DJ scene. Starting at the age of 13, the DJ has perfected his skills and is set to release even more music under Eats Everthing’s Edible label, Riva Starr’s SNATCH! label and the notorious Defected Records. Set to perform at Parklife in Manchester next week, VIVA caught up with Melé, 25, to talk about his career and why he loves playing in the city which is very close to his hometown of Wirral.

Hey, how are you?

Yeah, I am really good thankyou.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Krissy, aka Melé and I am a DJ from the Wirral. Now living in London, have done for the last six years.  

Where did it all start for you (your career)?

I started DJ’ing when I was really young, when I was about 12/13- producing as well. Then I made a few records in 2008 which started getting played on Radio 1. I moved down to London when I was about 18 and just kept doing it.

Who are your inspirations?

It is quite varied. I was really into DJ Premier when I was younger and Dr Dre and Liam Howlett. As I got older and got into house music I really liked Kenny Dope, he was a big influence for me because a lot of sounds from hip hop as well and electronic music. I am originally from hip hop, I didn’t really like dance music until I was about 14/15. People like Kenny Dope and that whole New York house thing was really cool for me because it kind of just sounded like hip hop anyway. They were my biggest influences.

Are you looking forward to performing at Parklife this year?

Yeah, I can’t wait! This will be my third time, I played last year with Monki and it was just insane! I played in 2013 when it was in the old place. It is probably my favourite festival to play because everyone just goes pretty mental. It is just always a really good vibe there!

What are you most looking forward to about being at Parklife?

I just really like playing in Manchester. Coming from Liverpool, there is just something about the North. The further the north you get the better the crowd gets. There is just something about Manchester that is so rich in musical history that there is just something about the vibe.  It is one that I always look forward to and when you see it in the diary, Parklife is the one you look forward to, definitely!

Where can we find you at Parklife, what tent will you be in?

I am not sure what the tent is called but I think Maya Jane Coles is in there and Eric Prydz later on. I think it may be called ‘The Hanger’ or something like that. I am playing early on Sunday afternoon. The line up for the whole festival is just amazing!

Are you going to be enjoying the festival as well as playing then?

Yeah, I am going to try and go up early and hang out for a few hours before I go in, so I am definitely going to soak it up a bit!

Do you come to Manchester often, what is it about Manchester that you like?

I don’t play there as much as I would like to really. I played at Hidden last year and I loved it, the vibe was just so cool and I played at Antwerp Mansion recently, that was really cool too.  I would like to play there more often really but it is nicer when I come up because I’m not there that often, but it is just amazing!

Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

One that is close to me is, I used to do a night at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool, which is a 150-200 capacity venue. I have just had some really good nights in there. Recently I played at Elrow in Barcelona and it was the best gig I have done for a while. On the same lineup as me was Waze and Odyssey, Richy Ahmed and Catz and Dogz- they always just have a really cool vibe. Dennis Rodman was watching my set which was really weird!

Is there anywhere you have always dreamed of performing and why?

I would love to play at DC10 in Ibiza, that is one I have always wanted to play! The places that I have always to play I have kind of done, I have been lucky in the last few years though as I have got to play everywhere I wanted to play like Fabric and places like that.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Sunshowers’ and what went in to making it?

A lot of my records will start off as DJ tools and kind of edits. The ‘Scouse Africa’ record and some others just started as DJ tools and not finished tracks and ‘Sunshowers’ was kind of the same, it was just a sample I heard on MIA records from her first album. We just wanted to do an edit of it really and then Riva Starr just really liked it which was cool. The B side was more of a techy sort of thing that Patrick Topping and all them guys have been playing. It works with the EP, with my records I always try and make them sound a bit different to whatever else is going on.

When will it be released?

It is going to be released on the 16th of June on Snatch, which is Riva Starr’s label. It is a label I have liked for a while, it just makes quality house music, really.

What is it like working with Riva Starr?

He is wicked, man! He is a really good A&R, because sometimes when you are making records for labels I like to be told what to make in a way. I would rather be directed and he is really good at that, he will just tell you if something isn’t good or if something is great. It was easy to make this EP really, as he was so particular about what he wanted from me.

If you could collaborate with one other DJ who would it be and why?

Probably Kenny Dope. The way his music sounds I would just really like to make a record with him because he is just a legend. I also really like what the Martinez Brothers are doing, because their music has gone very experimental and just a bit weird which I really like, I think they are going to help push the scene forward a bit.

Where else can we find you this summer?

Wildlife festival in Brighton, a few shows at Glastonbury, Elrow in Ibiza, Hideout, Defected Croatia and Bestival. Pretty much all over the place!

What can we expect from you in the next year?

There is going to be another release on Eats Everything’s Edible label, hopefully towards the end of the year. I am restarting my party in Liverpool, which I stopped doing for a bit to take a bit of time out and figure out what I really wanted to do, so that is being re-launched in September/ October. Just releasing music, I have never really been as productive as I am right now, so I think I need to keep releasing as much music as I can really.

Have you got any tips for any new DJs who are just starting out?

What I always say to people is just try and be as original as possible because there are so many producers and DJs out there now. Be different and unique and have something about you that is different from everyone else is a massive plus point. That is where longevity is in your career.


With a lot of new mixes in the pipeline, Melé is definitely one to look out for in the next year. To have a listen to some of his mixes, follow him on Soundcloud and keep a look out for his brand new EP ‘Sunshowers’ which comes out on 16th June:

Link to article by VIVA Magazine, click here.

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