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Bailey: “I took a break and now I’m just really focused on getting my music out there”

From strip sensation to pop sensation, VIVA chatted to 38-year-old Bailey, ahead of the release of his second single from the album ‘Addiction’.

When we rang up Bailey on his only day off from his busy schedule as a member of the most successful male strip show, he was surprisingly friendly and chatty. The Sussex born lad revealed what it was like warming up for the late Whitney Houston, his time with The Dreamboys and the brand new single that was written during a dark time in his life…


So why have you decided to focus on your music right now?

I’ve been working on my debut album for a long time now and had a few personal situations with my best friends, cousin and uncle dying in the space of two years. I’m still touring with the boys but I took a break and now I’m just really focused on getting my music out there.


What sort of impact did that have on your motivation at the time when you lost those people close to you?

It was very tough on me. I lived with one of the friends for a few years and he was a really good friend of mine, I used to see him every day and then he was just gone. I hadn’t seen my uncle in a while because he fell out with my dad and it affected me. I went to see him last Christmas in a hospice with cancer and we weren’t sure he was going to make Christmas day, but then what was really amazing was he was half asleep in a coma type thing and he woke up thinking he could hear me on the radio. That made me want to push to get the album finished and my second single ‘Visions’ is a lot about that and loosing someone.


Is it quite a heartfelt song?

Yeah definitely. I filmed the video at the graveyard where one of my best friends is buried. This girl died when she was 21 and was engaged to one of my best friends so it is in memory of her as well. I am hoping it will help others.


You supported Whitney Houston on her last tour in 2010… How was that?

The most incredible moment of my musical career- it was amazing! It was three nights at the MEN arena and it was phenomenal. I got an amazing response and it was incredible to perform alongside such a superstar.


Did you get to have personal contact with her?

Unfortunately, no I only met her on the last night, she was quite a private person. She thanked me for doing such a good job and her team were happy with me, they wanted me to do more shows with her but unfortunately it was her last as she passed away.


How was it performing in Manchester?

I love Manchester, I have done a few shows, an under 18 event and Manchester Gay Pride. Playing in Manchester Arena was just electric because I know many different artists have performed there. When you go up north the people just seem to get a lot warmer!


You have worked with music producer Benny D who has worked with people like Elton John, how has he helped you with your music?

Amazing, he was really good to work with. He is quite a hard taskmaster but he was worked with some of the best artists. I met him through a friend and we have done some amazing tracks and worked with some great song writers. I am in talks to work with Universal who he has been published by to publish me as a writer.


Is that writing something you are interested in?

I write all my stuff, I co-write all my own lyrics and play the piano.


What made you choose to go and join The Dreamboys?

I joined in 2002-2003 to sing and dance for them and was doing clubs and a few shows here and there. I left and got a record deal and then I got asked to go back in 2011 to sing at their London shows on a Saturday night- they had at least 500 people every week on their residency. I sing a bit and manage as well because Dave ended up having a child and wanted me to help out. I was in the middle of my album and going through a lot of stuff and thought it was a great thing for me to do.

Bailey has been a part of the Dreamboys for many years //Photo Credit: Simon J. Bailey Instagram//

Do you feel like your time with the Dreamboys has helped you with your singing career as well as your confidence and motivation?

It really has, but it is a different crowd. It is a girls’ fun night out and the audience expect you to take your clothes off and I am not going to! There have been times in the past where they have expected me to and I have been heckled, but I do get amazing support from the fans.


How have the fans supported you with your singing career?

A lot of them have bought the album and I get a lot of them on Facebook and social media platforms commenting on stuff and sharing it. It raises your profile because The Dreamboys is such a big name. The boys share stuff as well and they have a big fan base so it all coincides.


Can we expect to hear any of your new material on The Dreamboys tour?

Not at the moment because the show has already been done but next year you never know. Normally it has been covers but if I get something good of one of the singles on the album it will be a hit.


Would you like to leave The Dreamboys at some point and just focus on the music?

I would like to sing full time and that is what I am hoping to do in the future but we will see what happens. Over the last few years getting to where I am now it has always been music but it has knocked me, this grieving thing, but now I just feel like I want people to hear it and I hope they feel the same.


Where can people listen to your new single?

The album is available on ITunes and several platforms and physically- people can buy a CD signed. I am old school but I know people want to have something in their hand. The single is out on ITunes now.


Are you planning on doing any touring for the album?

At the moment I am just concentrating on the tour with The Dreamboys. I have been asked to sing this month for a hotel in London and an event in November. I am hoping to get on a couple of shows and be a support act again, but it is just talks at the moment so I can’t really say right now- but it is for a major artist!


You can listen to Bailey’s second single ‘Visions’, here:



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