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Eat in style and enjoy incredible food bliss with Tattu’s new Winter menu

VIVA reporter Becky Waldren went to check out the new Winter menu for Tattu restaurant in Spinningfields and it did not disappoint.

Renowned for its’ stunning food and equally stunning décor, modern Chinese restaurant Tattu put on a stellar display for the VIVA team when we went for a taster of their new Winter menu yesterday afternoon.

Located in Manchester’s Spinningfields (the classy part), we were stunned before we even stepped foot in the restaurant, by the chic and elegant exterior, large double glass doors and signage.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a pair of friendly, smiling hosts who guided us up the stairs and into the restaurant area to a stunning table under a cherry blossom tree.

Our incredible table

The tree, like all the décor was beautiful, classy and in keeping with the modern Chinese theme and the dim, low hanging lights added to the experience and feeling of being transported to another continent.

As we settled into our seats our waiter, Amir, came over to the table and introduced himself, offering us water for the table and adding the ‘with ice and lemon?’ million-dollar question- of course we obliged (we are posh us VIVA girls!).

From this point Amir had us sold, he made a recommendation of which cocktails were best to try from the drinks menu and what was brought to the table did not disappoint.

Cocktails consisted of ‘Skull Candy’, a vodka and strawberry cocktail presented in a skull glass with dry ice oozing out of it, and ‘The Crouching Tiger’ a sweet gin tipple.

Again with ordering the food we were completely clueless, with so much to choose from on the menu we had no idea where to start, so Amir was happy to suggest that we share four small plates for starter and two main courses with one side between us from the A La Carte menu.

For starter we ordered the Duck Bon Bons, Chicken Xiao Long Bao, Chilli Salt Baby Squid and Teriyaki Scallops and for main course the Roast Char Siu Pork, Sweet Sriracha King Prawns and Egg Fried Rice.

Whilst waiting for the food we couldn’t help but enjoy the chilled and refreshing ambience that filled the room, adding to the ‘unique sensory dining experience’ and from a quick glance around the room neither could the other diners.

Arriving at the table, the starters looked appetising and well presented and the smell coming from the little plates was absolutely divine.

Starters were sensational

Our choices certainly did not disappoint and as we bit into each of the dishes we were sent into a sense of food bliss- the scallops were perfectly cooked, the squid was incredible with a little kick of chilli which was subtle and not too overwhelming and the Duck Bon Bons were lightly battered, yet not greasy and full of the sweetest duck, which was complemented by plum sauce (although it was rich you did not need too much of it!).

However, the star of the show and the favourite dish of the night had to be the Chicken Xiao Long Bao, which were so delicate they just burst with the most fantastic flavours of thai red curry and coconut as they were bitten in to.

Giving us just long enough between courses and checking we were topped up with water in the meantime, Amir brought over the main courses which again smelled and looked amazing!

From what we ordered for mains we couldn’t help but think we should have been more adventurous with our choices, although the food was still absolutely delicious- the prawns accompanied with tomatoes, asparagus and a subtle yet tasty chilli sauce and the pork tender.

Main Courses were tasty

A second set of cocktails were brought over (from recommendation) called ‘Strawberry n Dreams’ and Sailors Mojito, which were presented well and looked so stunning we were apprehensive to touch them (we did of course!).

Although we were completely full from all the delicious food we had already eaten we were again convinced to try the deserts that were on offer and even though we had little room they were amazing.

The chocolate fondant had a shimmery top and looked so pretty and when cut into oozed with thick, creamy sauce and accompanied with the spiced mascarpone ice cream seemed a fitting dish as we come up to the colder months.

‘Lotus Flower’ was similar to baked Alaska with a zesty twist- it was creamy and light yet the flavours complemented each other perfectly.

After the meal we were left feeling full and in a euphoric food state- not too full but comfortable and happy with our meals and the fantastic service provided by the lovely Amir.

VIVA Verdict: Although slightly more expensive you really do get what you pay for in terms of food, drinks and service. We will be back!

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