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Roberts Bakery serves high tea – 100ft in the air!

ROBERTS Bakery treated celebrities, customers and thrill seekers to a very special high tea  – 100ft in the air!

The Cheshire-based bakery, which is the fourth biggest in the UK, embarked on the ultimate company rebrand as traditional with a twist by serving its products high above Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium last Thursday.

Managing director Stuart Spencer-Calnan, 47, explained: “We are all about embracing the new and doing things differently- and what better way to do it than a high tea 100ft in the Manchester sky line!”

Roberts laid out a selection of their products for the event

The tea kicked off with guests being seated at a table, strapped in and then suspended 100ft in the
air by a crane and then served tea and an afternoon tea spread.

A selection of the company’s products were placed on plates in the centre of the table and guests
were talked through them, including: gin and tonic buns, a selection of breads, rolls and rock buns.

“Globally high tea is one of the things that has been really well received, so that’s what we wanted
to do, we wanted to share it with our consumers and our trade in Manchester,” said Stuart.

For the event Roberts teamed up with Events In The Sky, an event company that has been operating
in the UK since 2009, offering the unique experience for public events as well as private hire, and is
part of global Dinner in The Sky group who operate in 50 countries worldwide.

Safety first – last checks before the lift

“From a product launch point of view I think it has been really good, I hope they get some really
good publicity, their products are really awesome and they are a great bunch of people to work
with,” said Joseph, 28, from Events In The Sky.

“We’ve had some really interesting people up here but this is the first time we’ve done a product
launch with me involved and I really enjoy it, I think it is a good experience for guests, customers and
us,” explained Joseph.

Actor Sally Dynevor, aka Sally Webster in Coronation Street,  was there to support the bakery as both are ambassadors for Prevent Breast Cancer UK.

She said: “Roberts Bakery is a fantastic ambassador for the charity so that is how we are connected and I’m really looking forward to it, it is an experience of a lifetime!”

Lucy Jarett, 39, NPD manager at Roberts Bakery, said the Sky High Tea event was the first
of many rebranding events to celebrate and showcase the brand.

She said: “We have got lots of TV campaigns, a brand new website and have been out sampling in stores!”

Link to article by Quays News, click here.

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