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Five Reasons Why Lake Como is Italy’s Perfect All Year Round Holiday Destination

With its’ stunning panoramic views that surround every inch of Lake Como, Italy, many holiday goers will be sold on this destination before they even step foot in North Italy’s Lombardy region.

The lake is set against the foothills of the Alps and is shaped like an upside down ‘Y’. It is also the ultimate upscale resort with many familiar famous faces owning a second home in the resort such as Hollywood elite George Clooney. With the flight to Milan Malpensa taking only two hours and fifteen minutes you could be relaxing in paradise before tea time.

Here’s why Viva believes Lake Como is a perfect all year round holiday destination…


Nestled round the lake are a plethora of hillside villages and vibrant towns that offer stunning panoramic views of the lake. With views like this only three hours away from your doorstep – and the rainy streets of Manchester – it seems almost a shame to let them go to waste.

Top places to visit in the area for the best views are: Argegno (where this photo was taken), Bellagio, Como, Laglio and Mennagio.


Once you have gotten over the breath-taking views that surround the lake you might want to go and do a bit of exploring into the rich history that surrounds its’ towns and villages. The civilised history of Lake Como dates back 2000 years when it was discovered by the Greeks. Although, around the first century AD, back then it was named Lake Larius by Julius Caesar.

Several historic points of interest to visit are: Spina Verde Park, Casta Baradello, Porta Torre, Porte Nuova, Como city and Tremezzina where a cross stands on the spot where Benito Mussolini was executed.


Italy is famously renowned for its’ exquisite food and drink and, of course, VIVA had a good time testing this out.  Blessed by its’ location, restaurants all round Lake Como are heavily influenced by the lake and some of the most fantastic, fresh and local dishes can be found throughout the towns and villages. We tried a bite to eat at Argegno’s La P’Osteria (Old Post Office), where we were delighted by the tender and succulent veal, assorted Italian and English salts and crispy potatoes.

Famous dishes of the Lombardy region are: Cotoletta alla Milanese, Ossobucco, Veal Shank, Cassoeula and Rissotto alla Milanese con ossobucco as well as desserts Pannetone and Mostarda.


If you are running short on leather bags, silk ties or shirts then Bellagio, the town which takes centre stage at the top of the two legs, is the place for you. Not only is this place bursting with history and romance it is also home to some of the best Italian silk shops in the country. The chic boutiques that are nestled down every nook and cranny are full to the brim with the most beautiful fashion and affordable prices.

Other places to go shopping on Lake Como: Como City, Mennagio or all small towns have own unique arts and crafts you won’t get your hands on elsewhere. Milan is only 50km away by car if you want something a bit more upmarket or for a complete change the Swiss border is within close distance.


Unsurprisingly with its’ stunning views, food, history and shopping, Lake Como is a top location for many celebrity homes. George Clooney, Madonna, Matthew Bellamy, Gianni Versace, Sylvester Stalone, Richard Branson, Julian Lennon and Ronaldinho all have second homes around the lake. As well as celebrity homes, the lake has also featured in Hollywood films such as Casino Royale. To top it all off the locals who were born and reside by the lake are all extremely friendly, generous and welcoming.

We chatted to Roberto, manager of Bistro Argegno- a local restaurant/bar/fresh food shop. The Bistro provides good quality, fresh, local food as well as amazing service to the people and tourists of Argegno and VIVA could not recommend it enough. For more information go to Bistro Argegno website or for a place to stay whilst you’re in the area click here.

Link to article by VIVA Magazine, click here.



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